Claudio Marchisio says he’ll never play for another club Italy and has no desire to play anywhere else.

The Juventus midfielder has featured sparingly this season and was asked about his lack of playing time, as well the future of teammate, Gigi Buffon.

“The World Cup exit? It’s the only time when Italy doesn’t know any barriers,” Marchisio told Vanity Fair,

“The rivalry disappears and we embrace each other. We’ll be sad this summer and I’m sorry, especially for Gigi Buffon.

“Will he retire? I’ve never asked him, but if you ask me no. I think he will keep playing.

“I joined Juventus in 1993, so if I exclude the Tuscan parenthesis at Empoli which only lasted one season I’ve been at the same team for 25 years.

“I still have two years on my contract and anything can happen, I know in Italy I’ll only wear this shirt. I don’t want to go anywhere else, I’d rather stop.

“Arguing with coaches? Never, if I have it with a Coach I’ll say it with a look. At the start of the season I’m never among the starters, but I always carve out my space.

“When I’m not playing I train with even more desire, it’s a matter of respect for my teammates and for myself.

“It’s my character, sometimes I want to erupt like a volcano but I keep it all in. Maybe sometimes I vent, but always to myself.

“There are certain things I like to keep private.”