Claudio Marchisio is happy to be playing and confesses that the last two months have been more difficult than the six months he spent out with his knee injury.

“The last two months have certainly been more difficult than the six months out with the knee injury,” confessed Marchisio.

“I had a pretty serious problem to the flexor of the left leg, but we were able to treat it well and get back on the field. That’s the most important thing.

“I am happy to have played 90 minutes after two-and-a-half months. I didn’t think I would reach the end of the game without any problems or cramps, but it all went perfectly well.”

Principino spoke to journalists at the opening of a new section of the Juventus Museum dedicated to the 120 year anniversary of the clubs founding.

“It represents the history of Juventus. I hope many people will get to see it, as there are so many memories and emotions here. I joked that we’d never seen many of the objects, as fortunately the average age of the squad is still quite low, but seeing the first computers and colour televisions are things I remember very well, along with the 1994 World Cup where Roberto Baggio made us all dream.”

[Translation from Football Italia]