Former Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio says the current team would be the first ones to refuse this seasons Serie A title, if it were assigned without playing further matches.

Serie A remains in lockdown until May 18 when teams will be allowed to return to training with a suggestion that the league could resume in May.

There has been discussion of awarding the title through a play-off or possibly assigning it to whichever team currently leads the table.

“I am in favour of a restart if everyone takes their responsibilities, from the government to the clubs themselves,” Marchisio told Sportmediaset.

“Awarding the Scudetto to Juventus? The players would be the first not to accept it, if we don’t resume the season we will have to find how to carry on this situation.

“Juve are the favourites because they’re currently in is first, but we’ll see how it ends.

“Leaving the club? I made the wisest decision. Even now I train a lot but play at certain levels.

“Pogba? When I met him last I said to him “What did you go to do in Manchester?” … He had to stay at Juve. I hope for his return, it would be good for him and Juve.

“Maurizio Sarri? I always liked how he interprets football. Each team has a different environment, it is not easy. He is doing what was asked of him.

“Cristiano Ronaldo? He’s among the greatest in history, I’m sorry not to have played alongside him.

“Paulo Dybala? It is a real sight to watch him, It’s now up to the coach to make him perform at his best.”