Claudio Marchisio reveals his dream came true when he first trained with Juventus and admits the Champions League final in Berlin is the one regret of his Juve career.

The 33-year-old held a press conference earlier today, announcing his decision to retire from professional football.

“I’ve decided to retire. And it was right to announce it at an important place that’s special to me,” he told the gathered press.

“My family taught me not to be afraid of the future. I still don’t know what I’ll do. I never considered situations in Italy other than Juventus.

“My regret is not having won the Champions League with Juventus and the European Championship with the national team.

“My dream came true when the train for Juve’s first team approached. The farewell I had here at the Stadium a year ago was a beautiful feeling.

“I’d like to replay the Final in Berlin, the one against Barcelona. As for the future, I won’t rule anything out. I need time to think things over.

“I think the most important thing is the responsibility that the lads have. The players have the responsibility of also being role models off the field.

“Each player is different to the other. Over time, I’ve seen that my voice was also needed off the pitch and I’ve never been afraid to take a stand.

“We mustn’t be afraid. Football players must be brave in this environment.

“The Derby? It won’t be strange to watch Inter-Juve from afar.

“I’m eager to watch it like everyone else. Conte aside, Inter are a good team and it’ll be a good match, which Juve must contest.

“As a Juventus fan, I can’t wait to see them win.”