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Marchisio tells Inter Milan to stop focussing on Rabiot’s supposed handball

March 20, 2023 - 8:00 pm

Former Juventus man Claudio Marchisio believes Inter Milan is focusing on the wrong thing as they blame an undetected handball from Adrien Rabiot in the build-up to Juventus’ goal as the reason they lost to the Bianconeri yesterday.

The Nerazzurri and Juventus are two fierce rivals in Serie A and controversies are not far away when they meet.

In yesterday’s game, Inter were keen to win and set the tone for both clubs to meet again in the Italian Cup.

However, Juve did the double over them, which is painful and their manager Simone Inzaghi insists Juventus’ goal affected them; if it had not stood, things could have been different.

However, Marchisio believes they are focusing on the wrong thing and said via Football Italia:

“Inter’s possession was sterile and slow. Between the lines Lautaro Martinez was missing a lot.

“For me the question isn’t that Rabiot committed not a handball, but that there was no contact at all. It’s important to look at how long it took Kostic to stop the ball and aim.

“Rabiot didn’t commit a handball in my opinion, because the ball didn’t change trajectory, nor did the spin change, so it didn’t touch his hand. I don’t know where you’d see this handball.

“The moment that should worry Inzaghi was the too slow reaction of both Dumfries and Darmian, not so much whether it was a handball or not.”

Juve FC Says

We can understand that the outcome of the game hurts Inter, but they cannot take credit from us for doing our best to earn the points we need.

We do not even have to bother about their cries and comments. Instead, we should focus on winning our remaining games in the campaign and ending the season well.

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