Former Juventus executive Marco Fassone insists the success of the likes of Juve and Inter Milan shows that big clubs do not prioritise profit when they spend money.

Juve is one of Italy’s most successful clubs, and they also spend a lot of money on buying players to strengthen their squad every summer.

Even when they win the Scudetto, they could still earn less money from that success than the club that finished last in the English Premier League.

But that doesn’t stop them from spending, and Fassone claims success in Italian football comes with putting in a lot of money and not thinking about revenue immediately.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato: “If Juve, Milan and Inter have recapitalized of more than the others in the last 10 years, it means that if you want to win the costs must be higher than the revenues.”

Juve FC Says

Money buys success in football and that is the reason the likes of PSG and Manchester City have been very successful domestically.

Juve has also proven that in Serie A and Inter Milan had to spend a lot of money to stop the Bianconeri from continuing to dominate the competition for many years.

Hopefully, our investments in this summer will bring success back to the club.