Former Juventus defender Mark Iuliano has commented on their 15 points deduction as a punishment for the use of capital gains and says when the Bianconeri are involved, all legal processes are sped up.

Juve has just been punished for their use of capital gains and it came as soon as the case was reopened.

Typically, the legal process takes years before a judgement is given, but Juve has been punished swiftly and could even be given more punishment in the ongoing Prisma investigation.

Reacting to the verdict, Iuliano said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“The usual clowning that takes place only in Italy. They take away points during the championship, however we talk about the capital gains: they all do them and only one team is punished. These things are done at the end of the year after investigating correctly. It also applies to the issue related to the salary maneuver. There are processes that last for years, when Juve is involved, everything is done in three days”.

Juve FC Says

Juve is an easy target considering they are the country’s biggest club and it is sad.

We put the country on the map every time in global football and should be respected more.

However, authorities are always quick to jump on our business and pray to find fault in it, which usually makes them punish us quickly.