Marley Ake spent time at Juventus from 2021 until the summer when he secured a permanent transfer to Udinese. During his tenure, Ake was among the standout players in Juventus’ Next Gen team, and his performances in Serie C earned him a move to Udinese.

Max Allegri, the Juventus manager, is known for his demanding and perfectionist coaching style. While some players may struggle under the pressure, others thrive and benefit from the high expectations and guidance he provides.

Ake appears to be one of those who have embraced Allegri’s coaching philosophy.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Allegri taught me how to use the ball, when to dribble and aim and when to slow down. It’s strict, but it helps a lot.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri is not the most loved manager in the world, but the Juve gaffer is someone we can be sure knows how to lead.

He also knows how to develop and improve players, which he has shown since returning to the club.

Any player humble enough to learn will get so much value from the gaffer, which was the case for Ake.

He will now take much of what he learned at Juve for the rest of his career, which could make him a successful footballer.