Juventus GM Beppe Marotta has confirmed the arrival of Mattia Calada while declaring Juventus are “looking for a top player” in midfield this summer.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Marotta confirmed that a top-class midfielder is the main objective for the Bianconeri in this summers transfer window.

“We’re happy with our squad in every department,” Marotta told the Italian paper.

“Compared to October we’ve bought Rincon and got Marchisio back, so two more players.

“In addition, we’re nearing completion for Caldara, so for signings we’ve already got two done.

“January is also used to work for the future, we’ll have some contact for players who aren’t available right now. We took Caldara because he suits our model, we’ve got great professionals in defence but they’re a bit older and we have to think of the future.

“We’ll let them [Atalanta] loan him for six months and probably next season too, because we’re good in defence, we have Benatia who we’ll probably sign outright.

“In midfield we have some interesting young Italians, and we’re looking for a top player in that role who will be available for next season.”

Marotta also addressed Max Allegri’s outburst following Juve’s defeat in the Supercoppa at the end of last year.

“I’ve seen a lot of other Coaches have angry outbursts after a game,” Marotta shrugged.

“I’d characterise it as an adrenaline outburst. We lost on penalties, I don’t see how you can reproach players who have given us so much satisfaction.

“We’re winter champions and we finished top of our Champions League group. Losing a game is understandable, it’s just because Juve are so used to winning that there’s such regret.”