Marotta urges FIFA & UEFA to acknowledge Super League ‘wake-up call’

November 9, 2021 - 10:45 am

Inter Milan chief Giuseppe Marotta has claimed that FIFA and UEFA must heed the warning from the European Super League’s attempt to create a breakaway competition by creating a new ‘European model’ for the clubs.

Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the three clubs who remain signed up to the European Super League after the other nine clubs bowed to fan pressure, and it has been said repeatedly that reform is needed, especially with the trio having suffered major financial losses during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Marotta has now told UEFA and FIFA that they must create a new model that works more in favour of the football clubs who participate in their competitions.

“It was born as a great wake-up call of a model that no longer guaranteed sustainability,” Giuseppe told TMW(via TuttoJuve). “This must lead to a European model that guarantees this. FIFA and UEFA must understand that calendars must be made respecting business risk. Tournaments they are very attractive and these bodies need to give more money to the clubs.”

It has become increasingly apparent that reform is needed, with UEFA and FIFA profiting largely from the risks that clubs take in the transfer markets.

The Old Lady are currently not in the best place financially, while most clubs in the world have suffered somewhat from the loss of matchday incomes last year, while FIFA and UEFA have failed to bail out anyone, whilst staying well above water at the cost of the clubs.

Will the federations work with the clubs to make things better for all?


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    Frankie November 9, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    No point talking about it now Marotta given your chicken-liver club decided to pull out at the last minute to crawl back to UEFA.