Beppe Marotta says he would be happy if Emre Can chooses to join Juventus, but if he goes elsewhere, the club will look at another option.

The Liverpool midfielder is out of contract in June and is expected to head to Turin to join the Bianconeri, although no deal has been announced as yet.

“Emre Can is one of the most desirable players, for his ability and also because, as you know, he’ll be a free agent in June,” Marotta told the press.

“It’s normal that situation has attracted a number of suitors for him as a player, we’re doing and we have done our path.

“We know there are other clubs competing for him and these clubs are definitely among the best in the world, the fact remains that, as I always say, a player’s destiny is in his head.

“So if he decides to come to Turin with Juventus we’ll be happy, and if he decides to join another team then we’ll exploit another opportunity.

“Darmian? He’s a Manchester United player right now, and he represents a player who doesn’t belong to us, but I can say that he’s a good and interesting player.”

Marotta turned his attention to Gigi Buffon who is expected to retire at the end of the season.

“He’s focused on the present. It’s a present which finds us in front of so many difficult roads, Saturday’s game at the Olimpico , the one in London on Wednesday, the other league matches, and the Coppa Italia final.

“That means we all have to be focused on the present, we’ll face the future when it comes. He has said many times that he’ll discuss his future with the President.

“I can only emphasise the relationship between him and the club is a truly idyllic one.

“Allegri? I think that Allegri has shown, after starting from general skepticism, to not only be up to the level of Juventus but one of the best Coaches around.

“We can talk about the results achieved, about what he’s shown he can get on the pitch.

“It was a relationship which started from great indifference, but today he’s going everyone, from the club, to us to the fans great satisfaction and for that reason I’m sure he’ll continue.

“Do Napoli play better football? I think in the end what counts is getting to the end and winning. Playing well or badly is a complementary thing, it’s linked to different factors.

“I think in the end you have to shake hands with Napoli, because whoever wins will have done so deservedly, regardless of who played better.

“If they win, they’ll win because they got more points than us.

“The head-to-head with them will be important, but I think there are so many points available between now and the end of the season.

“Often even games that people write off can be difficult and throw up unexpected results.

“Higuain? The knock he received to the ankle is a really niggling one.

“The trauma is a bone trauma, so it needs special attention from the medical staff, so we can say that we’ll use the right and logical prudence to get him back on the pitch, but it’s nothing serious.

“We want this trauma to be resolved in the best way, so if we need to wait for him we’ll wait.”