It is no longer news that Juventus is keen for Beppe Marotta to return to the club in a leadership capacity.

He left in 2018 after making the Black and Whites one of the most successful clubs in Europe for around a decade.

At Inter, he helped to halt Juventus’ dominance of the Italian game and has continued to do well.

Juve has been in serious financial troubles recently and the problems all started when Marotta left the club in 2018.

John Elkann wants him back at the Allianz Stadium as part of Turin’s new leadership structure, but he has a contract with Inter.

This has not stopped Juve’s pursuit and pundit Massimo Brambati reveals Marotta and Elkann have already met.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“I give you sensational news about Juventus: Beppe Marotta has already met with John Elkann. I talked about it with a very reliable source. That contact who called me to tell me that Juventus would take Ronaldo, and since I was the first to say it, I took a lot of teasing, but that person told me to say it and now that same person called me and told me that Marotta has already met with Elkann.”

Juve FC Says

Elkann is committed to making Juventus great again and, understandably, he is pushing for Marotta to return.

The Inter director did a superb job at Juve during his first spell and the club needs someone like him at the moment to make it work