Juventus is considering a potential managerial change at the end of this season, with several names being suggested for the position at the club. While the team remains one of the top clubs in the country, their current manager, Max Allegri, has not secured any trophies in the past two seasons at the Allianz Stadium.

Some may argue that the difficulties the club faced off the field throughout this campaign could be taken into consideration when evaluating Allegri’s performance. These challenges could potentially lead the Bianconeri to discount this season when assessing his tenure.

However, Juventus could also opt to bring in a new manager to rejuvenate the team. Various candidates have caught the club’s attention and are being closely monitored. One notable advocate for an ex-Juventus player taking the helm is Massimo Carrera, a former Juventus player himself. Carrera has even put forward a few names of former Bianconeri players who he believes could excel in the managerial role.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“Juventus had a rather peculiar season and didn’t perform exceptionally well, especially in cup competitions, but now it’s up to the club to determine whether the responsibility lies more with the coach or the players. The coach? I would like to see a former Juventus player like Antonio Conte, Zinedine Zidane, or Igor Tudor..”

Juve FC Says

We have so many former players who could replace Allegri, but having a history at the club is not a guarantee of success.

The leaders must pick the next manager without sentiment, otherwise, they will make the wrong pick.