Former Juventus player Massimo Mauro is confident that the Bianconeri stand a solid chance of clinching the Serie A title this season. While Juventus’ lack of European commitments might seem advantageous, it hasn’t been a straightforward journey for them.

Under Max Allegri’s leadership, the team has experienced some inconsistency throughout the season. However, there remains a compelling probability that they can ultimately secure the championship. Their collection of significant victories so far lends credence to this notion.

Despite not necessarily boasting the most potent squad in the league, as Inter Milan and AC Milan might, Mauro is adamant that Juventus possesses a legitimate shot at winning the Serie A title.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“The championship is more level than expected, I thought Inter would dig a furrow, but instead the ranking is very short. If the balance is maintained in the coming months, Juve would have a real chance of winning the title. In defense they are a solid team, they don’t have the commitment of European cups and Allegri knows how to win championships head-to-head.”

Juve FC Says

It is still too early to talk about winning the league and our players just have to focus on winning one match at a time.

However, they could struggle to sustain a title challenge if we put them under too much pressure now.