Former footballer Massimo Orlando has commented on Juventus’ tough season and insists the Bianconeri still risk demotion to Serie B.

The Black and Whites have run into several problems this season and recently lost 15 league points for their use of capital gains.

The points were eventually restored temporarily, but they face more probes like the Prisma investigation.

It remains unclear how they will be punished for several of these financial irregularities.

Some rumours had suggested earlier that they would be demoted to Serie B, as happened during the 2006 Calciopoli scandal, but the expectations about that have died down.

But Orlando seems to believe it could still be the case, he said via Tuttojuve:

“It doesn’t have to be easy to work or get to a game without knowing what will become of your future. The risk of disqualifications or Serie B always hangs”.

Juve FC Says

Being demoted to Serie B would be one of the harshest punishments we can be handed, and it does not seem we have committed any crime that warrants that.

The board has maintained its innocence in several cases and we expect them to defend the club whenever the need arises.

The players just need to focus on playing for the side and earning good results.