Massimo Pavan has strongly criticized Chelsea following their offer of 25 million euros coupled with Romelu Lukaku in exchange for Dusan Vlahovic.

Juve had proposed the possibility of a swap deal to allow Chelsea to secure the signing of the Serbian player, with the Blues taking their time to deliberate on the offer.

While the Bianconeri had set their sights on securing 40 million euros alongside Lukaku, Chelsea responded with an offer of 20 million euros upfront, accompanied by an additional 5 million euros contingent on certain performance-related criteria. This, of course, was alongside their proposal to include Romelu Lukaku in the exchange for Vlahovic.

Despite Vlahovic’s youth and his noteworthy goal-scoring proficiency during his time at Fiorentina, his value appears to have remained stagnant since his transition to Juventus. Chelsea’s perspective on this matter is that they view him as not warranting a higher valuation than what they have presented in their offer.

Pavan disagrees and says, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Chelsea are offering too little for Vlahovic, 25 million and Lukaku is an offensive offer”.

Juve FC Says

Chelsea feels like they have all the advantages in this talk, so they are offering so little for Vlahovic.

However, if we want to get this deal sorted, we have to reduce our valuation of Vlahovic. Otherwise, we would be stuck with the Serbian and miss out on Lukaku.

Max Allegri specifically wants to work with the Belgian, so we have to find a way to get him to Turin, which will hardly happen if we do not sell DV9.