Italy were eliminated from Euro 2024 yesterday by Switzerland, with two Juventus stars starting the game.

The Bianconeri consistently supply the Azzurri with some of their best players in every competition, and this year’s Euro squad included four Juventus stars.

Italy entered the tournament as the defending champions, having won Euro 2020 (held in 2021), but their form has been disappointing since then.

They failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup and struggled to secure a spot in Euro 2024.

Despite these challenges, Italy was still expected to perform well in the competition, given their rich footballing history.

However, they performed poorly in the group stage and faced Switzerland in the Round of 16 yesterday, resulting in their early exit from the tournament.

They were poor and lost 2-0 with Federico Chiesa and Nicolo Fagioli starting, and Massimo Pavan has defended them, saying, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Fagioli was among the least negative yesterday, but he will be lynched because in Italy they hate Juve. Chiesa didn’t do well, but if you preach in the desert sometimes the water runs out and no one brought him a water bottle.”

Juve FC Says

We know so many people dislike Juve, and this often translates to the national team, where there is jealousy over the number of players we have in the group.