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Massimo Pavan questions the capital gains case against Juventus

January 31, 2023 - 11:00 pm

Juventus has lost 15 points after being punished for their use of capital gains and their fans are furious.

The Bianconeri are an easy target because they are the biggest club in the land and prosecutors wanted to use them as scapegoats.

The club has vowed to fight back, but it is annoying that they have even been sentenced in the first place and Massimo Pavan seems furious.

He ranted via Tuttojuve:

“Contested 80 million capital gains in total in two years, a madness, the prosecution, Rovella already covers half of it. Rovella is now worth at least 30 million, these are the figures we are talking about, so practically the operation justifies itself. I would like to know why nobody complains to Sampdoria that they paid Audero 20 million, simple. Because it is free market. I point out that out of these 80 million almost 50% are with foreign teams, which nobody disputes, we are madly!!”.

Juve FC Says

This is a hard time to support Juventus and most of us now fear that the club could even be relegated, as was the case in 2006.

However, we have to trust the leaders who insist they have done nothing wrong and hope their appeal will be successful.

Not playing in any European club competition next season will affect us a lot, so the players must take up the challenge and work hard to ensure they can win as many points as possible.

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    martinn February 1, 2023 at 3:20 am

    Easy target and scapegoats? If there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there. We HOPE there’s nothing there, but until we know for sure, we don’t. If we are cleared let’s see if this management has the brass monkeys to do something about it. We are still waiting for a title back from last time, where noone should have been given anything if there’s was any doubt, especially when the court system was shamefully played (see Judge Porceddu for reference). Time you started standing up for the fans properly.