Juventus has been accused of capital gains for much of this season and the Bianconeri have maintained they are innocent and have done nothing wrong.

Authorities found they hadn’t broken the law and closed the case earlier in the year, but it could be reopened after new evidence emerged of them deliberately engaging in the act.

Juve remains open to cooperation and they have been crucified by some fans and the media even before they are found guilty.

Massimo Pavan has now added his voice to the issue and says via Tuttojuve: “The accusations about capital gains continue, the nice thing is that people don’t even know what operations they are dealing with. There is only one logical question. Why didn’t they take measures abroad? Did Juventus do them themselves? No, they are lawful operations”.

Juve FC Says

We have insisted that we have done nothing wrong and authorities have earlier cleared us of the same alleged offence.

It is surprising that they want to reopen the case and seems they are determined to ensure we are guilty.

However, no matter how many times the case is taken to court, we should win like the first time because the value of players can only be determined by what both clubs agree on.