Matias Soulé
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Matias Soulé insists he wants to fight for a first-team spot at Juventus

September 9, 2022 - 10:15 pm

Matias Soulé has revealed why he decided to join Juventus even though he had interest from other clubs.

The youngster is working hard to get regular first-team minutes with the Bianconeri senior team, but he is a star in the making and that is clear to see.

Max Allegri likes him, but several players are ahead of him on the pecking order at the Allianz Stadium.

This means his chances of playing have been limited, but he knew that would be the case before he joined the club.

Speaking about making the move recently, he admitted he knew it would be difficult for him to get into the Juve first team, but he is determined to do the required work.

He said, as quoted by Corriere Dello Sport:

“I feel incredible emotion to be here. Now I don’t think about the loan, just to be here and to have minutes. We were at a barbecue in Argentina with my agent and my dad. 

“We had to talk about where I had to go: there were three clubs, I had to choose one. He told me take a week. I thought ‘ I want to choose Juve ‘. I knew the difficulty of reaching the first team but I like these challenges.”

Juve FC Says

Soulé is an exciting player and he just needs to stay focused on developing his game for now.

With time, he will get better and start getting first-team minutes. He might, however, have to leave on loan at some point if the chances refuse to come.

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  • Avatar
    Brian September 9, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    Try then kid

  • Avatar
    juvemania September 10, 2022 at 4:46 am

    since when a loan strategy produced a good players? like NEVER.
    so why kept using the broken strategy?
    nobody bother raising your own kids.
    just throwing him away, selling them if we dont needs them.
    juve loan systems is the most toxic in italian football, that’s why Italia lacks of great talents and didn’t qualify for the WC.
    just selling all the youngster and we can all orgasm with those old, pathetic, experience, injury prone, gigantic salary that drained 250M euro lost players we have always dreams night and day.
    juventus motto is not fino ala finne anymore, but “expensive and never delivery until bankruptcy”

    simp-ing on those old, useless players with high salary and kept throwing away promising talents is the one hurt me the most.
    yes young players makes mistakes, but also your old guys, those grandpa 35yo also made so many mistakes too, so what the difference?
    what experience change? nothing. except the audacity to asking more and more lot of money.