Matthijs De Ligts’ ‘father-in-law’ has confirmed that the defender is happy at Juventus and has no regrets about his choice.

The 20-year-old made the move to Turin last summer and despite a shaky start to his Juve career, he’s found his feet in Maurizio Sarri’s side.

Speaking to Tuttojuve, his partners father ,Keje Molenaar, dismissed reports linking him with a move to Manchester United.

“I speak to Matthijs and Annekee almost every day, they are in excellent health and are trying to make the most of a very difficult and complicated time,” he told the Juventus fansite.

“Being in close company, they try to have as much fun as possible, respecting the restrictions imposed by the authorities.

“Juventus’ behaviour is perfect, the club is taking care of him in every way.”

In the last few games before the season came to a halt, Matthijs was playing really well. Do you think that’s also down to Annekee?

“It ‘s true, Matthijs was having an excellent run. In this regard, I think that behind every great man there is a very strong woman (smiles).”

In your opinion, will Serie A and the other leagues start playing again? Belgium, for example, is the first European country that has decided to end the football season.

“To be honest, I doubt very much that he will resume playing. As regards this tragic circumstance, the game of football disappears into the background. We must think first of health”.

What has been your favourite game this season?

“There isn’t one in particular, it would be doing a disservice to the boy. In my opinion, he played well in all the games played.”

What do you think of the market rumours that continue to circulate around him? First Barcelona and now Manchester United: everyone wants Matthijs.

“They are simple rumours and that’s it, there is nothing else to add about it. Matthijs has not regretted having chosen Juve, he and Annekee are really happy in Turin and maybe they will spend a lot of time in Italy.”