More leaks are beginning to emerge about the ongoings at Juventus as the club is being investigated for account falsification.

This has been a tough season for the Bianconeri, with the club already facing a 15-point deduction for the use of capital gains.

More punishments are on their way as Juve is the subject of a Prisma investigation into its financial dealings.

Investigators have intercepted many phone calls and some have been leaked to the public.

In the latest, Juventus director Federico Cherubini and former CEO Maurizio Arrivabene appear to blame current Tottenham director Fabio Paratici for the club’s financial woes.

Paratici was in charge when Juve made some bad financial decisions and they are suffering the consequences now.

Arrivabene said via Football Italia:

“I had called Cherubini, telling him not to spend a lira more than what was budgeted. I think Agnelli trusts me because he considers me honest. And it’s enough to read the last balance sheets, surely there was economic tension, not financial tension.”

Cherubini Added: “Our worst earns as much as Atalanta’s best. Zapata gets €1.8m… if we bought a dog, we would give him €3.5m. We were arrogant in the market, because the Fabio of five years earlier didn’t sign Higuain for €90m, he signed Gabriel Jesus for €10m, and made him a €90m.”

Juve FC Says

This has been a tough few months for us as a club, and fans wonder when this will be over for good.

Considering that we are still appealing the 15-point deduction, we have to prepare for another defence because the Prisma investigators are likely to hand us a fresh one.