Juventus intends to fight back against the decision to deduct 15 points from their total this season for their use of capital gains to their advantage.

The Bianconeri believe they have done nothing wrong and the punishment should not stand, but investigators believe they found damning pieces of evidence that puts Juve on the spot in terms of defending themselves.

The sports broadcaster Maurizio Pistocchi has now commented on the case and insists prosecutors have enough evidence which prompted them to punish the black and whites.

He said via Tuttojuve: “The penalty of Juventus? There have been long-lasting investigations. There are documentary findings: Paratici’s famous “black book”, Ronaldo’s paper, Consob’s surveys. And’ something of enormous gravity happened that everyone realizes. Even some journalists still say there is no feedback.”

Juve FC Says

Before concluding that Juve deserves to be punished, investigators would have worked very hard on this case.

This means the Bianconeri must prepare a very strong defence against it. Otherwise, the club will not win and will embarrass itself.

This is a tough time to support the club, but fans must continue to show love to the players at the Allianz Stadium and hope they will perform well and earn a return to the Champions League at the end of this term, regardless of the outcome of the appeal.