Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri has donated over 4000 masks to Figline and Incisa Valdarno, the city where his family lives.

The Corriere di Torino newspaper report that the Bianconeri tactician made the gesture in recent days to support the region where he once played amateur football.

“We are using the masks for the needs of associations, in particular 118 and Civil Protection,” said the Mayor of the city Giulia Mugnai .

“They are needed for those volunteers who are in contact with people every day and are exposed to risks, intervening in emergency health situations.

“I have often talked to his wife Marina, she was our contact with Maurizio, and he personally took care of donations and orders.

“They have shown incredible closeness, his wife has always been present and has made herself very available to help us right now. They asked us: “What do you need?”

“It’s something that I really appreciate because they did it with great humility, making themselves available, which is their character.

“He has already done a lot, in silence. Together with some childhood friends he helped us to relaunch some local associations, from sports to cultural centres.

“He is an example, he has dedicated his whole life to a passion, he has done all the apprenticeships to get where he is, with great dedication.

“He is a beautiful example: with hard work you get results. The sense of earning things is important, the fact that he has maintained a profile of great humility, like the family, is an important message for everyone.”