The potential transfer of Leonardo Bonucci to Lazio is encountering obstacles due to Maurizio Sarri’s reservations about incorporating the defender into the team.

Juventus has communicated their intention for Bonucci to depart as they aim to alleviate the burden of his substantial salary. While clubs have expressed interest beyond Serie A, Bonucci’s desire is to remain in Italy, particularly within a Champions League-calibre side.

Lazio has emerged as a possible destination, with Bonucci expressing his interest and the club’s president reportedly showing enthusiasm for his acquisition. However, the situation has hit a snag as Lazio’s manager, Maurizio Sarri, displays reluctance towards the move, as reported by Tuttomercatoweb.

Sarri’s reservations reportedly stem from concerns regarding Bonucci’s fitness and potential impact on the team’s dressing room dynamics. This hesitance on the part of the manager has led to a halt in discussions regarding the transfer.

In light of these developments, Juventus is likely hoping to find an alternative destination for Bonucci to facilitate his departure and ease the financial burden on the club.

Juve FC Says

Clubs know about Bonucci’s injury record and one reason they will consider signing the Azzurri defender is if he would be influential in their dressing room.

Unless Sarri is convinced that will be the case, he will not move for the centre-back in this transfer window.

We have already planned for the season without him in the group and he has to find a solution to that problem.