Weston McKennie’s career at Juventus has seen a significant turnaround this season. Initially, he was informed that he wouldn’t be part of Juventus’ plans for the current season when he returned from his loan spell at Leeds United.

However, McKennie was included in the squad for the pre-season tour in the United States, which proved to be a pivotal moment in his career at the club. He performed impressively during this period, catching the eye of Juventus manager Max Allegri.

Allegri’s faith in McKennie led to the decision to keep him at the club and take him off the transfer market. The American midfielder has continued to perform at a high standard, and Allegri has acknowledged his improvement.

He said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“McKennie can play in central midfield or as a winger. He could start tomorrow.

“I am making assessments on him and Danilo who returned yesterday. McKennie is becoming reliable, I am happy with how he is training. It’s important for him to remain focused for the entire season.”

Juve FC Says

Every player deserves a second chance, but not all of them usually take it when handed to them.

McKennie has taken his, and the midfielder could prove to be a key part of our success this term.

He must know he has to keep fighting for his spot on the team, because if his standard slips, he may no longer have space to play.