Weston McKennie played through the pain for Juventus in their match against Atalanta, showing remarkable dedication as he was still recovering from a shoulder problem. Despite this, he delivered an outstanding performance, providing two assists and reinforcing his candidacy for the Player of the Season award at the club.

However, despite McKennie’s sacrifice and stellar performance, some fans still had negative comments about the American.

McKennie’s parents were present at the Allianz Stadium for the game, and his father shared a picture on his social media account, capturing a moment of pride and support for his son’s efforts on the field.

Calciomercato reveals some fans attacked his son in the comments and an unimpressed John McKennie responded:

“He made himself available risking a further injury and that’s still not enough for the couch commentators!”

Juve FC Says

McKennie has been a fantastic player for us this season, and the American has been arguably the most improved member of our team.

He deserves a lot of credit for his performance, and playing when not 100% injury-free shows he loves the club.

This is a tough time for us as a team, but we must recognise the players who have done well for us, and he has.

Hopefully, he did not aggravate the problem and will continue to play for us in the next few weeks.