Italian mental coach, Sandro Corapi, has offered Max Allegri free advice on how to make his team better than it is now.

Juventus is having a bad campaign, which has automatically focused the attention on Allegri.

The Bianconeri manager won five consecutive league titles during his first spell at the helm.

He left in 2019 and didn’t manage another club before they recalled him last year.

Everyone had expected him to bring success back, but the last campaign was poor.

This is another chance for him to prove his worth, but things are not going to plan.

He needs a solution quickly before he loses his job, and Corapi believes he needs to change his approach to get things to work.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Allegri is one of the best, he is an excellent communicator and he is competent. At least, this is what I perceive from the outside. 

“To solve head problems, a technician must be more of a man and less a coach: he must strip off the superstructures and open up to the minds, eyes, hearts and souls of the boys. 

“He must be humble and close to the team and with the team overcome the crisis. Only then can he resume the role of coach.”  

Juve FC Says

This has been a tough season for everyone associated with Juventus, and the Bianconeri know they are underperforming.

The blame is at the feet of the manager, but the players must also be ashamed of their lack of better performances so far.