Matia Perin is arguably the best second-choice goalkeeper in Europe at the moment, as he continues to impress every time he has to be in goal for Juventus.

The Italian goalie has struggled to be the first choice at the club for much of his time on its books.

He wanted to leave last season, but the club convinced him to stay and it has been an amazing decision so far.

Perin had to come into Juventus’ last game against Sporting Club on short notice after Wojciech Szczęsny had a health scare and he slotted in perfectly and helped preserve the clean sheet.

The goalie uses professionals to stay prepared and one mental coach he has employed opened up on what it was like to work with the Bianconeri goalie.

Nicoletta Romanazzi tells Il Bianconero:

“Mattia makes an impression. And’ came with me to make the presentation of my book and people were shocked. He looked like the mental coach! I am very happy. We have done and are doing a very nice job. It is not easy to always be ready. 

But every time he, before every game, even if he doesn’t play, he prepares himself as if he should go on the field. Also on Thursday we had prepared. After Juve-Sporting, in fact, he wrote to me: “Have you seen, Nico?”. He was very excited”.

Juve FC Says

Every player must take care of themselves as this helps them to stay in shape physically and mentally.

It can be tough to be a second choice, so to ensure you perform when it is your turn, you must employ the best tactics and perhaps get professional help.