Italy women’s national team coach Milena Bertolini has explained why it takes time for a player like Paul Pogba to recover from a long-term injury.

The midfielder has yet to debut for the club after joining as a free agent in the summer.

He has been injured and continues to struggle to make a full recovery, which is unusual, with fans fearing he could be the next injury-prone player in their colours.

Romelu Lukaku is another Serie A player who has had physical problems this term and is struggling to stay fit.

Bertolini explains it has a lot to do with their physicality. She says via Tuttojuve:

“Powerful physicists such as mighty Lukaku and Pogba need time to return to condition after such serious injuries. Pogba? We must see how it returns, physically it is powerful. It was’ out in England and here. It works like this: the first one is good, the others are not”.

Juve FC Says

There is hardly an acceptable explanation for Pogba being unavailable after over six months.

We know there are injuries that could keep a player out of action for a long time, but it seems our medical team did not do their job to have allowed us to add him to our squad.