As proven by the sad atmospheres witnessed within empty stadiums in the last two years, football can be tasteless in the absence of the crowds in attendance.

However, in difficult times, the fans’ presence could pile more pressure on the players, culminating in even worse results.

For their part, Juventus have yet to please the crowds in attendance at the Allianz Stadium, as their first two matches at home this season resulted in a shocking defeat at the hands of Empoli and a disappointing draw against Milan.

During the Empoli encounter in particular, the players felt the heat of the crowd, with some of them getting whistled on their way out of the pitch.

Therefore, former Juventus director Luciano Moggi has messages for everyone at the club, including the fans themselves, asking them not to confuse the team further.

“Juventus, in order to move up the rankings, must be able to transform anxiety from results into motivation, learning to believe more in their own strength, especially now that the CR7 reference point is no longer there,” said the banned director in an interview with the Libero newspaper via JuventusNews24.

“I suggest to the Juventus fans not to create confusion in an environment already confused in itself. As for the coaching staff and the players, they must move from chatter to facts, given that everyone knew that Juve were not as strong as in the past, also because they are enduring a renewal phase. This will take some time and patience.”

Juventus will host Sampdoria on Sunday’s lunchtime kickoff, and while the fans at the Allianz will surely be behind the team from the get-go, another misstep from the team would surely test the patience of the crowds, who might just erupt in anger.