Lucciano Moggi was at the latest Juventus shareholders meeting, a surprise appearance to some fans considering he had been banned from football activities.

The executive was the president of Juve for around a decade before the Calciopoli scandal of 2006 that relegated them to Serie B.

He has since been away from the club but has been an outspoken football commentator, often commenting on issues around the Bianconeri.

He was at their recent shareholders’ meeting and revealed why he was there himself. He said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“I don’t consider too much what I read in the media. I am here because I want to thank Agnelli, it’s not easy to win nine Serie A titles in a row.

“These things are difficult to realise and only those inside know how difficult it is, especially in a club that never defended itself or was unable to do it, becoming a toy in the media’s hands.”

Adding: “I am still fighting for Calciopoli, we have been identified as guilty for things others did. Dear president, I want to give you a USB flash drive where you can hear Federal President Carraro say: ‘Fiorentina and Lazio should not be relegated’ and before a game against Milan in 2004 say: ‘Do not help Juventus.’

“If they’ve reopened the case for capital gains, then they should do the same with Calciopoli because it is still an open wound for everyone at Juventus.”

Juve FC Says

Moggi wasn’t a bad president during his time at Juve, even though the club was eventually stripped of league titles it won under him.

He remains a minority owner of the club, and we should be prepared to continue hearing his name in the news and association with the club.

The most important thing for us now is to move on and achieve some success on the pitch when football returns next week.