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Moise Kean details some decisions he has made to improve as a player

March 31, 2023 - 4:00 pm

Moise Kean has been criticised a lot for his lack of effort and the many distractions around him.

This is one reason the striker has struggled for goals while having all kinds of off-field problems.

Footballers are held in high regard in society and are individuals we believe should do a lot of work to stay in shape and deliver for us on the pitch.

Kean has had a good career, but he is too distracted to make an impact, which could be because he is still very young.

However, the Azzurri star is beginning to make important corrections to his life and explains via Football Italia:

“I have toured a lot, now I work hard to find stability and consistency. I have a personal staff of four people who follow me, a nutritionist, an athletic trainer and specialists who help me improve, I don’t neglect anything anymore.

“I work with them even when I don’t have training, I work a lot on rhythm and to avoid wasting energy and some mistakes from the past. I score for Juve and for me.”

Juve FC Says

Kean broke onto the scene as one of the finest strikers in Italy and still has the talent to deliver for our team.

However, if he does not eliminate the distractions around him and focuses on working hard to improve, his career will not meet expectations.

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