Racism in football isn’t new to the Italian game and Moise Kean has recently opened up on his experience while he played for Juventus.

The current PSG loanee came through the ranks at Juventus and broke into their first team before he left them for a move to Everton at the start of last season.

While playing for the Bianconeri, he had an episode with the fans of Cagliari whom he scored against after they had racially abused him.

He spoke about that to Paul Pogba in the UEFA documentary “Outraged” being used to raise awareness about the problem that has plagued football for ages.

He told Paul Pogba via Tuttojuve that he didn’t just suffer abuse on the field, but he also got messages over social media abusing him because of the colour of his skin.

Pogba: “How did you feel when racist episodes happened in Italy at Juve?” 

Kean: “I didn’t take it in a happy way, I was sad. It’s bad in a football field to be insulted for the color of your skin. It was an away match against Cagliari and we heard the ‘Ooo, Ooo, Ooo’, which in Italy means’ Monkey ‘. I told myself that I should have done something in that match. A cross from Bentancur arrives and I score a goal. I went under the Curva del Cagliari and I opened my arms, as if to say’ I am like this , I am black and I am what I am ‘”.

Pogba: “Have you also received insults on social media?” 

Kean: “Yes, absolutely. ‘Monkey’, ‘There is no Italian black’, ‘You are not part of this country’. Instead, I was born in Italy, I feel like Moise, a black boy who is no different from the others”.

Kean will probably return to play football in Italy in the future and he will hope that he doesn’t have to suffer from such sickening abuses again.