Alvaro Morata is looking forward to Real Madrid’s Champions League tie against Napoli and admits that beating them would be all the more enjoyable because of he’s a Juventino.

“I am not Italian, but I gave everything for the Bianconero shirt and I was willing to stay there many years,” Morata told Corriere Dello Sport.

“Juventus knew that, the only problem was that Madrid had been my dream since when I was little. Without the buy back option, you would have had to drive me to get me away from Turin”

“I miss the Italian group from the dressing room – Bonucci, Barzagli, Chiellini, Marchisio, Buffon, they were key to me adaptating to Juventus and Turin.

“If I had come into a bad dressing room at Juventus, I wouldn’t have done so well.”

Morata turned his attention to next weeks Champions League match against Napoli.

“We can’t wait to play Napoli. They play the ball with their feet very well and their front three of Callejon, Hamsik and Insigne are very dangerous.

“I always want to win, but I admit I would be even happier to beat Napoli because I’m a Juventino.”

“Would I sign-up for a Real Madrid-Juventus final? Juve are Juve and they always aspire to the maximum. I admit I wouldn’t like it, but just to be there I would sign for it.

“If I had to lose a final, I would prefer to lose against Juventus over losing to other teams. But now we need to focus on Napoli.”