Despite being one of the most criticized players in Euro 2020, Alvaro Morata continues to fight in order to prove his detractors wrong.

After missing some goal-scoring opportunities in the group stage matches, the Juventus star received some horrible insults and threats directed towards him and his family.

Whilst the striker admitted the negative effect he suffered from these threats, he still bounced back to score a decisive goal for Spain in extra-time against Croatia in the round of 16.

This brilliant effort will undoubtedly give him more confidence going forward in the competition, with his team’s next stop being a quarter finals encounter against Switzerland on Friday.

Morata explained the goal he scored on Monday in an interview with Deportes Cuatro via JuveNews.

“I don’t know how or why, but I knew the defender wasn’t coming and I would have time to control the ball and score. I kicked it with great strength and I’m happy, but now we have to continue.”

The 28-year-old then said that his family members were in fact the ones who suffered the most from the insults and threats that they received.

“It’s football. You have to be prepared and know that you can go from your worst moment to a satisfactory one. My teammates also had the same experience. I know why they criticized me and it wasn’t very difficult. When the European Championship is over I’ll talk about it.

“Now I don’t want to pay attention to it. My wife and children are the ones who suffered the most.

“I have also received a lot of affection, but evil attracts more attention than good. It is clear that the best thing is not to pay attention to certain bad things on social media, but I have come to the limit. It is terrible to think that those who have insulted my children may have kids of their own in time.”