In this day and age, online stalking is an issue that is unfortunately growing within society, and the Moratas have had their fair share of it.

We all remember last summer, when Alvaro Morata was the target of online threats and insults due to some of his performances in Euro 2020 that didn’t please the fans of the Spain national team.

On the other hand,  the Juventus striker managed to score against Italy in the Semi Finals, prompting some Azzurri fans to direct their hate towards his Italian wife, Alice.

Nevertheless, these temporary insults can be considered as a small concern in comparison with being stalked online by a certain individual for several years.

The model and fashion designer revealed through her stories on Instagram that someone has been bullying her for six years, creating thousands of accounts. She also added screenshots containing some of the disturbing messages she’s been receiving from her stalker.

“For this person… He has a real obsession with me for more than 6 years. I want to tell him that I will do everything to find out who you are. I hope you can stop creating thousands of profiles just to hurt me,” said Alice according to

“Instagram should make it compulsory to have an identity document to create a profile. These sick people should be detained,” suggested Lady Morata.