Paul Pogba’s future in football hangs in the balance as he faces the possibility of a ban for failing a drug test. The French midfielder has requested a counter-analysis of his samples following notification of the failed test.

This unwelcome news comes as a setback for Juventus, especially after a challenging previous season. Pogba’s return to the headlines is certainly not for the right reasons.

In the midst of this situation, Pogba is hopeful for a favourable outcome, and Juventus is actively cooperating with the relevant authorities to address the issue.

Pogba is potentially facing a four-year ban, with varying degrees of risk, as reported by Calciomercato. If he can demonstrate that he was unaware of taking a banned substance and that it was not a deliberate act, the ban could be reduced to a maximum of two years. However, if it is proven that he intentionally used testosterone to enhance his performance, he could face the full four-year ban.

Juve FC Says

Pogba has brought some negativity to us again and the midfielder just needs to leave now.

After last season, we wanted a new start and are making some progress, so we do not need a player who will always bring bad news to the club.