In the last 48 hours or so, concerning news related to Paul Pogba emerged to the scene.

The returning Juventus star is reportedly a victim of extortion from a gang that includes his own brother Mathias as as well as some his childhood friends.

It was reported that the 2018 World Cup winner was even threatened at gun point recently.

La Gazzetta dello Sport has now revealed some additional details related to the shocking situation.

Apparently, Pogba has already paid 100,000 euros for the gang who were asking for 13 millions for their “services”, which includes “protecting” the player and looking after his safety.

The source adds that 29-year-old was threatened in his apartment in Paris during his last training camp with the French national team.

Pogba then attempted to pay the gang members, but his bank refused to release the amount of 3 million euros. Nonetheless, he was able to raise 100,000 euros just to stay out of his harm’s way.

But surely this last figure wasn’t going to satisfy Mathias and the rest of the crew, who are still threatening him with disturbing messages, including posts on social media.

Pogba has recently filed a complaint, as French and Italian authorities are currently investigating the matter.