Juventus were one of the clubs delighted to have qualified for the newly expanded Club World Cup.

FIFA expanded the competition to accommodate more clubs from every continent and to offer more substantial financial rewards to participants.

Top participants like Juventus are guaranteed €20 million and could earn up to €50 million depending on their progress.

However, this competition adds more matches to an already congested calendar in world football.

European players have long lamented the demanding schedule, struggling to keep up with the number of games.

They are now threatening not to participate in the Club World Cup, with Carlo Ancelotti recently revealing that Real Madrid will boycott the competition.

This statement from a major figure in European football could embolden others to follow suit.

While Juventus is pleased with the financial gains from the tournament, Calciomercato notes that if it is scrapped, it would be a significant setback for the Bianconeri.

Juve FC Says

When new competitions are introduced, players’ welfare has to be considered, and we cannot fault them for not wanting to keep up with a tough schedule.