Juventus has been in the news after investigators released evidence against them for possible capital gains.

Several of their dealings are being scrutinised and the swap deal between them and Barcelona for Arthur Melo and Miralem Pjanic is now being talked about.

A new leak reveals Juve possibly inflated the price of both transfers to help them in their bid for capital gains.

A report on Calciomercato reveals an intercepted phone conversation in which former finance director, Marco Re said:

“You think of someone like Arthur, who to make you the Pjanic capital gain you paid 75 million, now it must also go under the knife, that is, it was obvious, wasn’t it? That it wasn’t one from that figure there.”

Juve FC Says

It keeps feeling worse for Juventus as this investigation continues because we remain one of the few clubs who can give press to the prosecutors of this case.

Juventus remains innocent until proven guilty and fans must ignore these leaks and support their club which has insisted they have done nothing wrong.

It seems the investigators are leaking this information to ensure the public knows about our private business even if they eventually do not win the case against us.