Thiago Motta is one of the most innovative managers in world football, and he is now looking to make the most of his time as the Juventus manager.

The Bianconeri have just named him their head coach as they continue to rebuild their team.

Since 2021, under Max Allegri, the men in black and white have endured mediocre seasons with a terrible style of play.

The pragmatic football did not win any trophies, and Juve has now turned to Motta after watching his Bologna team’s exploits last season.

The Bianconeri are confident that Motta is the right man for the job, and their fans would love his recent statement about wanting his entire team to be exciting, not just the number 10.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

 “Every coach, ideally, aspires to build a team that collectively reproduces the same emotions, the same dreams, the same passions that a number 10 is able to convey, touching the hearts of the fans. 

“It is now a common idea to consider that today’s football, due to the evolution imposed by technology and the need for an increasingly higher pace of play, is an enemy of creativity and in particular, that of number 10s. But I don’t agree”

Juve FC Says

Motta is expected to make us one of the best clubs in the country again, and he did well on Bologna’s books.

He now has better players with more resources, so we expect him to do much better than he did there.