Jose Mourinho faces being banned for a few games after accusing a referee of being sent by Juventus at the weekend.

The Portuguese manager is never far from controversy, and his AS Roma side struggled in their game against Verona.

They had come from two goals down to draw the fixture, but the former Chelsea boss was unimpressed by the number of stoppages in the game.

He was eventually sent off by the referee, but he could be in more trouble.

La Stampa via Football Italia claims he was shouting: ‘They sent you here on purpose, Juventus sent you’ at Luca Pairetto, the centre referee.

This could earn him as much as a three-match ban if he is found guilty of making false statements.

Juve FC Says

AS Roma is a rival to Juve for a place inside the Serie A top four, and Mourinho is probably feeling the hit of the race.

His side is not performing as well as he would have wanted, and the former Inter Milan boss is not a manager that enjoys taking responsibility.

His comments are not a surprise considering his personality. Juve just needs to focus on our own journey as we battle to finish in the Champions League places.