Juventus is in the middle of two goalkeeping negotiations. They have reportedly secured an agreement to sign Michele Di Gregorio from Monza and are in talks to sell Wojciech Szczesny to Al Nassr.

The Bianconeri are having a busy summer as they look to further strengthen their squad for Thiago Motta.

Several spots on their roster will get a makeover in this transfer window, and Juve is hopeful they will sort out their goalkeeper situation soon.

Reports have indicated they have had an agreement to sign Di Gregorio for a while.

However, the Bianconeri have not yet made the transfer official, leading some fans to wonder if they are waiting to sell Szczesny before finalising the deal.

Despite this, a report on Tuttomercatoweb insists the transfers are independent of each other.

Juve’s talks with Al Nassr for Szczesny are not affecting their agreement with Monza for Di Gregorio, so they are still set to announce the latter’s arrival.

Juve FC Says

Szczesny knows he will not get game time when Di Gregorio completes his move to the Allianz Stadium, and we expect the transfers to go through sooner rather than later.

Motta will start with a new goalie at the club, and they can develop a new style of playing from the back.