Former Parma and Lazio man Nando Orsi still believes Juventus can make the top four this season despite being deducted 15 league points.

The Bianconeri are battling against the punishment off-field while their players are doing their best to ensure they can earn as many points as possible on it.

The black and whites are one of the biggest clubs in the world, but finishing inside the top four after losing 15 points will almost need a miracle.

However, Orsi hasn’t given up on them and believes they are on track to earn a Champions League spot.

He says via Calciomercato: “La Juve can recover fourth place even with the penalty.

“La Juventus, he loses little and wins a lot.”

Juve FC Says

Making the top four will be tough because we do not only have to be superb, but the clubs above us also must fumble.

At this stage of the season, the clubs around the top four are doing well and know what is required to qualify for the Champions League.

We just need to focus on ourselves and win as many games as possible while hoping chances will open up for us at the top.