Yikes. Napoli spanked Juventus today though I feel as if the absence of Carlos Tevez was the crucial difference maker. Despite an angelic performance from Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus still gave up a couple of goals and more frustratingly failed to score.

Dries Mertens scored a beautiful goal to cap off Napoli’s win while Jose Callejon scored the initial goal. Let’s just rate the players and get the pain out of the way.

Buffon: 7.5. Countless saves, many of them magical. Buffon is undoubtedly the greatest goalkeeper in the world.

Chiellini: 6. Decent in defense, better going forward, but not spectacular in general. Napoli had plenty of chances so while the scoreline is harsh, the defenders did make many stops. Chiellini was actually off the field getting a jersey switch (he had been bloodied in the face) when Callejon scored.

Bonucci: 6.5. For the first time in a long time long ball Bonucci returned. He attempted 17 and made 14 long ball passes, so that was a highlight of an otherwise professional performance. Easily Juve’s best defender today.

Caceres: 6. Similar to performance to Chiellini but not as solid in defense. Found himself as the recipient of many passes as the midfielders look to kill time and keep possession, but wasn’t of much use otherwise.

Lichtsteiner: 6. Excellent in attack on both the left and right flank but a tad invisible while defending.

Asamoah: 6. Another player who had a fine match, but not a good match. Asamoah was very lively at times but came up short otherwise.

Isla (53′): 6.5. Isla was very dangerous today though he did blow a few chances in Napoli’s 18 yard box. Still, he was a very consistent outlet for Juve’s attack.

Vidal: 5.5. Had a scary moment early on when he seemed to injure his knee, but he played the entire match for better or for worse. Was definitely spooked by his injury scare early on, but even after he got over that he was too reactive. I can’t remember the last time this happened but he was not the leading tackler on the side today. Vidal must improve his form.

Pogba: 6.5. Pogba seemed ready to dish out genius whenever he touched the ball and he displayed his skill with the ball on several occasions, but he was taken off after 61 minutes. Had he played the entire game he may have created some magic.    

Marchisio: (61′): 5.5. Rather poor today, and he made a terrible jumping/standing tackle attempt on Mertens right before Mertens scored. Obviously, the hybrid tackle did not work. We perhaps would have been better off substituting Pirlo for Marchisio – not that Pirlo played poorly – rather than taking Pogba off.

Pirlo: 6. Nothing spectacular from Andrea, and in fact he had several free kick opportunities that he did little with. Like many of his teammates he was fine, but not really very good.

Llorente: 5. Basically useless for most of the match. He had a few moments where he held up the ball well but overall he was very bad. Llorente-Osvaldo is a bad partnership, as neither of the two can really create anything for the other to react off of. Llorente played a bit better after Mirko Vucinic came on, but he was overall quite poor.

Osvaldo: 5. He wasn’t any better, although I am expecting to see him starting vs Lyon after he was taken off early in today’s match. Regardless, Osvaldo was poor today.

Vucinic (70′): 6. Came on and immediately had a decent effort, but never got to create a goal. For a player who hadn’t suited up in nearly two months he was excellent. Better luck next time, I guess. Lyon on Thursday is the next match and we have Tevez for that.