Juventus have been awarded a 3-0 win for their unplayed game against Napoli.

The Bianconeri was supposed to face Napoli in week three of their Serie A round of games and they presented a team, but Napoli never showed up.

Two players from the Naples side had tested positive for coronavirus prior to the game and their local health authority advised them to self-isolate every member of their team instead of travelling to their game with Juve.

However, the Serie A has its own protocol that had been agreed by every team before the start of the league season and Napoli didn’t have enough reason to miss a game or for a game to be abandoned.

There had been confusion about who to follow for cases like this since the Serie A and the local health authority gave different instructions, as Covid-19 continues to ravage through the country.

A tribunal was set up to give verdict on the case and after deliberation, it has ruled in favour of Juventus, according to ESPN.

The Bianconeri has been awarded a 3-0 win, while Napoli has seen a point deducted from their point tally so far.

Juve now has seven points from three games, while Napoli has five points from three league games.