Juventus is eager to make a managerial change sooner rather than later, with many speculating that this step will be taken at the conclusion of the current season.

Max Allegri is exerting considerable effort to finish the season strongly, aware that this may mark the end of his tenure at the helm of the Old Lady.

In what could potentially be his final campaign with the club, Allegri is determined to secure the Italian Cup as a means of salvaging the situation, given that he will conclude his second spell at Juventus without any silverware to show for it.

However, even winning the trophy may not suffice to retain his position on the Juventus bench, as several other managers have been linked with a move to the club.

Reports suggest that Juventus is eyeing Thiago Motta and other intriguing managerial prospects, with Antonio Conte being another prominent name under consideration.

Conte’s departure from Juventus during his initial stint at the Allianz Stadium was marred by controversy, leaving behind a cloud of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, the manager is currently a free agent following his tenure at Tottenham, and there is a faction of fans who would welcome his return to Juventus.

However, Tuttojuve reports that Napoli is also vying to secure Conte as their next manager and is actively pursuing his appointment ahead of Juventus.

Juve FC Says

Napoli is looking to get back among the top sides in Serie A, and if the conditions are right, Conte could find them interesting enough to become their next coach.

We would be better off hiring another manager instead of bringing him back, especially since Allegri’s second spell has been poor.