On November 25, Juventus fans will get to witness the premiere of the club’s new documentary series, titled “All or nothing”.

However, the club has released some footages from the series, including one that features an interview with the Bianconeri’s vice-president Pavel Nedved.

During the last few years, the Czech’s agitated reactions from the stands have become a recurring sight – especially when things are going badly in Turin.

The 2003 Ballon d’Or winner has now admitted that it’s not easy for him to watch the matches as a Juventus official.

“I have to live certain matches as an official, and it’s not easy because I lived the first few years as a former football player. Now it’s different, you have to think about how to stay calm. It’s not easy. Every now and then your heart and passion prevail, and it can go wrong,” said Nedved according to ilBianconero.

The legendary winger also spoke about his 25 years in Italy, between Lazio and Juventus.

“I actually spent more years in Italy than in the Czech Republic. From 25 in Italy, 20 in my home county. I should take my passport!”

Juve FC say

Nedved’s reactions from the stands have earned him some criticism lately, with some observers feeling that a club official shouldn’t repeatedly lose his temper in front of the cameras.

However, it’s simply not easy for a former player to make the transition from his role on the pitch to a director’s post, especially for someone who was once known as the “Czech Fury”.