Juventus vice president Pavel Nedved has aimed a dig at UEFA over Financial Fair Play by claiming it doesn’t work.

Juve has been on a collision course with UEFA recently as they continue to support the breakaway competition, European Super League.

One of the major problems that have made the European body look weak is their enforcement of the FFP.

The likes of PSG and Manchester City have made the regulation look like a joke with their transfer spending.

UEFA has been powerless to stop clubs from finding loopholes in the regulation and using that to their advantage.

To Nedved, the regulation is a joke and it simply doesn’t work and he hopes they can see it.

The former Juve attacker says the rule is supposed to make you spend what you earn and no more than that.

When asked about the Financial Fair Play at the Salone del Libro festival in Turin, Nedved replied as quoted by Football Italia: “It doesn’t work. I hope UEFA noticed it.

“The idea should be to spend what you earn, not to spend more.”

If UEFA continues to struggle to apply FFP rules, they could see football fans turn against them and that might turn them towards the Super League that gives more power to the clubs.